About Us
Colour Connections is based in the UK in Matlock.

We recognize the importance of everyone involved in the textile supply chain working together to improve technical performance, efficiency and profitability whilst minimizing the harmful effects of production.

Phil Patterson, Managing Director of Colour Connections, has wide ranging expertise in the textile industry gained from a career that has spanned research, manufacturing and retail; fibres, fabrics and garments; legislation, environmental compliance, standardization and innovation.
Recognised as an expert solutions provider to those trying to meet the most demanding technical and compliance standards he has vast experience in delivering policy, standards, innovation and technical support throughout the textile supply chain.

A respected authority in the textile and coloration industry, and increasingly a source of common sense for journalists, editors and authors, he has a rare enthusiasm and drive for improving textile products, processes and knowledge coupled with an ability to present solutions and advice in easy to understand language.
A passionate advocate of worker safety and environmental compliance, Phil was a founder member of the multi-brand Afirm group, is Chairman of the newly formed RITE group which aims to reduce the impact of textiles on the environment, and sits on the Soil Association Textile Committee and the British Retail Consortium REACH implementation committee.